Southdown Buses and more in Horsham

Every year there is a collection of Southdown and other buses that gather at Horsham’s Park and Ride then give free of charge trips around the district. This year, on September 2nd,  was no different. In addition to the regular open topper were  a number of very old to ‘paint barely dry’ buses and coaches to be seen.

I am not sure what the oldest bus was but my guess is the 1938 Leyland 8,600 litre pick up truck converted from a double decker, pictured below. It is one of only four still on the road. The newest was ‘White Bus’ made by Dennis and was just one day old, bearing a 68 licence plate.

There is a Flickr album with all of the photos.

Buses at Horsham



Trevor Clawson is back at the bandstand

Acoustic guitar player and singer Trevor Clawson was back at Horsham’s Carfax Bandstand today courtesy of Horsham Rocks (site being updated at the moment). The sparse audience enjoyed the range of covers and own songs. The full photo album is on Flickr

Horsham Museum Dragon

It’s been too long since I last ventured into Horsham Museum’s back garden. In there is a sculpture, in bronze, of a dragon that was put in place in August 2013, six months after the death of the creator Edwin Russell. The dragon was created some 30 years earlier.

Horsham Museum Dragon