Parking problems in town

It may have been only around 08:00 but you can’t park anywhere you want to in the Carfax. A DHL lorry was parked outside of The Crown on double yellows and a van parked in the lay-by opposite. The double decker bus could not squeeze through even with the help of passers-by. The van owner came back and moved on but not before about 10 cars were held up. I am sure The Crown was offering free drinks to those stuck in the queue…

Road Block

Road Block


Paintings in town

Just outside of Boots etc in the Carfax is the flower bed that, until recently, had a huge and old tree growing in it. The tree got sick and had to be removed. Now a couple of paintings art work installations have been installed by Horsham District Council. Looking rather like lollipops they contain sections of art that can be seen in full in Horsham Museum.

Art work

Art work in town

Bufori Madison Roadster

At the Plum Jam event in Horsham today (26th May 2019) a whole load of air cooled Volkswagen cars, campers, vans and pick-ups turned up as expected. So you may have wondered why this Bufori Madison Roadster from 1986-88 put in an appearance too. It’s because it’s powered by an air cooled 1.6 litre F4 petrol boxer engine.

It was a really successful event with a great footfall supporting all the retail traders in town.

Bufori Madison Roadster by A to B

Plum Jam 26th May 2019 by A to B

Plum Jam 26th May 2019 by A to B

Plum Jam 26th May 2019 by A to B

Who is your MEP?

In a few weeks time you will have the opportunity, possibly the last opportunity, to elect your new MEP. Do you know who your current MEP is? Unlike UK parliamentary¬† constituencies we have 10 MEPs for the South East region comprising the Isle of Wight, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. The MEPs, each earning ‚ā¨101,808 a year, are listed below with their UK party in the order listed by the European Parliament web site:

  • Nigel Farage, no national party but seeking re-election under the Brexit party.
  • Daniel Hannan, Conservative
  • Janice Atkinson, no national party listed
  • Nirj Deva, Conservative
  • John Howarth, Labour
  • Diane James, no national party listed
  • Richard Ashworth, Conservative
  • Keith Taylor, Green
  • Catherine Bearder, Lib Dems
  • Raymond Finch, UKIP

If you want to influence who sits for Horsham in the EU then be sure to vote on the 23rd of May.