Recycle crisp packets in Horsham

Following a national Social Media campaign Walkers Crisps have set up a national recycling scheme for empty crisp packets of all brands. West Sussex County Times broke the story locally. The process is simple:

  1. Open the crisp packet and eat the contents.
  2. Take the empty packets to one of the two Horsham Recycling Points, see below.
  3. Post the packets into the collection point.
  4. Feel good about doing something positive to help the environment.

The two locations are:

Other ways to help the environment in a crisp-related way:

  • Don’t eat crisps
  • Walk to the collection point (then you’ll be Walkers too)
  • Collect lots of packets and take them in bulk
  • Set up  a collection point  at your workplace
  • Don’t post crisp packets in letter boxes

Not OK to park on crossing zig-zags

There is the old joke; where does a 600lb gorilla sleep; anywhere he wants. It seems the same applies to tipper trucks delivering to Prewett’s Mill in Worthing Road. For the record it’s not only illegal but also stupid. And two stupid drivers arrived at the same time; what’s the chances of that? The even sadder fact is that these drivers drive for a living. The registration of the front truck is EK11 EJG if you want to follow this up.

The road may look empty but this was taken at around 08:00 on a Friday morning and the lights had just gone green again. There’s probably a bus up the road holding the traffic back.


Stupid Drivers

Stupid Drivers