Horsham’s Poppies in 2018

Horsham is marking the end of the First World War 100 years ago by placing large poppies on lamp posts around the town.

Horsham Poppies 2018

Winter’s view over Horsham

Here is a view for you taken from Denne Hill in February 2017. The perspective is foreshortened as I am using the 55-250 telephoto lens.

View over Horsham

The steeple in the foreground is from St Mary’s Church at the foot of the Causeway¬†with Piries Place behind that. The other steeple is all that remains of St Mark’s Church in the Carfax (or thereabouts) with the RSA offices wrapped around it.

Hybrid Lamp Post

In the walk through Memorial Gardens between the back of Sainsbury’s and St Mary’s Church and school you’ll find these lam posts of mixed origins. For reasons best known to West Sussex County Council they have replaced the heads of the Victorian style lamp posts with something somewhat more modern. Just for good measure a flock of cluster flies have camped out on the top and are enjoying the sun.

Memorial Gardens Lamp Posts

Memorial Gardens Lamp Posts

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