Horsham Photography

Hidden Horsham re-launched as a blog and photographic record of everyday Horsham


All of the images and text on this site have been generated by the Horsham Photographer with the exception of:

  • book, postcard and magazine scans that are believed to be out of copyright
  • the copyright owner is ambiguous or
  • this site is using the scan to support a good cause.

If you wish to use any original photographs please ask for permission which is likely to be given so long as a reference is made back to this site.

If you believe you are the copyright owner of any of the scanned material please use the contact form below and the utmost effort will be made to resolve the issue.

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14 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. My sister-in-laws Great Great Grandparents lived & worked here from at least 1851 – 1901 from census info. I am in the midst of making her a photo book of her family and would love to include a couple of images of the school. (I think it was still a private residence when they were their as staff). It is a private book – not for sale to public. Would it be ok to use some of your lovely photos please?

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  2. Been attempting to contact whoever admins this site inorder to be allowed to use some of the pictures on here of Collyer’s, I am currently a student there leading the CU and would love to use the pictures in some of our posters, I have not been able to find a contact form or even an email address to get in touch with you and so this comment is my last resource, so I hope it sends and if you could reply then I’ll be over the moon, thank you very much


    1. Hi Stephen, happy to let you use the Collyers images. Where appropriate please provide some kind of link back to this site.


  3. I currently own what you have called the Pioneer Hotel which we thought was originally called the Railway Hotel. Please tell me your source of information. Thank you.

    Ian Topalian


    1. Hi Ian, not sure where this information came from as the text originated some 8-9 years ago. Try Jeremy Knight in Horsham Museum who is the font of all Horsham knowledge!


  4. Hello
    Would it be possible to share any of your photos on Facebook Group “Memories of Horsham” please?
    Obviously I would add your link to any photos shared to the group.
    Kind regards
    Jim Vallance


  5. Hello HH This site is superb, many thanks for allowing us access to it. We are just beginning our guided historic walk around Horsham, it starts on April 2nd and is every Wednesday and Sunday at 2.30 meeting at the Museum. I have 3 ideas; would you like to join us a volunteer guide? There are 9 of us at present, but always looking for more. Secondly would you be wiling to do a piece about us? And thirdly would you like to join us on a walk? They are free, just turn up. Do email me if you would like more information, and thanks again for a great site.


  6. Any chance I could get the complete copy of the information ref Horsham Union Workhouse. My mother worked there during WW2 when it was a hospital with the Canadian troops

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    1. Hi Mary, happy to help. You are free to use the information on the page. I can’t remember the source but it would have been a book in Horsham Library or online somewhere. I’ll have a think and get back to you.

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  7. Hello! My father is writing and publishing a book about dragons and we would love to have permission to publish one of your photos ( the first one on your page with the statue of the St. Leonard’s dragon) for one of his chapters. Would you be willing to give us permission to do so? (Credits to you and this website would be listed directly below the photo). Hoping to hear from you soon! – Dana


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