Vegelution in the Carfax

A mobile catering van from Vegelution supplying ‘vegan, vegetarian and plant based foods’ was parked up again in the Carfax yesterday. The 1911cc petrol driven February 1974 Citroen, registration FRN450M, has been converted for use as the catering van following its import in August 2015.

The business launched just a few months ago in August 2017 and the Vegelution website states:

“At Vegelution. we aim to bring exciting vegan, vegetarian, and plant based food to Horsham and the surrounding areas, where there are few options for vegans. Our menu provides a core of interesting options for everyone, and daily specials allow for the use of seasonal ingredients and local produce. Wherever possible we source our food locally, with our bread coming from Jenger’s Bakery in Billingshurst and juices from Wobblegate Farm in Bolney. This use of seasonal and local produce also fits with our vegan ethos of excellent food without causing harm to the environment around us. We fully believe that excellence without sacrifice can be achieved, and enjoyed, all out of our Vegelution van.”

The van proudly displays it ‘very good’ status awarded by the Food Standards Agency.


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