This is the first time that a hashtag has been used on this site so why is this one so important?

The hashtag refers to the heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, manganese and lithium)used in batteries. These metals are both pollutants and of value so they should be recycled. The campaign is on the bespoke Bring Back Heavy Metal site and tells you why you should recycle and where you can take the batteries.

Please don’t put spent batteries into any household bin. Your non recyclable household waste end up north of Horsham. The plant makes a good attempt to extract re-usable items but the remainder is incinerated. The process smoke goes into the atmosphere and the ash goes to landfill. The heat generated heats there own buildings.

You should drop dead or unwanted batteries off at your local shop. In Horsham you can drop batteries off at Sainsbury’s, Curry’s, Marks & Spencer, The Entertainer. They’ll take everything from button cells upwards except car batteries – they need to be taken to the tip and placed in the area assigned.

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