With Jeremy Quinn being re-elected with a somewhat convincing result Horsham has now been led by the Conservatives continuously for the last 137 years. Sir Henry Aubrey-Fletcher, 4th Baronet won the seat in 1880 from Liberal James Clifton Brown and they have been re-elected ever since. There have been a few boundary changes along the way, including link ups with Crawley and Worthing at various stages.

In the June 2017 election Quinn took about 60% of the vote with a nearly 75% turnout. Therefore about 45% of those eligible to vote opted to put an X in Mr Quinn’s box on the ballot paper. What isn’t clear, given that there is a hung parliament, is how long Jeremy will be in office; this Parliament is unlikely to run for the next five years.

Photos of most of the other candidates can be seen here.

Jeremy Quinn

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