Some time ago Forfars ceased trading in Horsham. Now a new hairdressers are moving in to the unit; will they be the best thing since sliced bread? The unit is next to the soon-to-be-relocated Post Office*. It will be opening in January 2017 – this month. The brand name is Headmasters a franchised hairdressers, so yet another hairdressers with a weak pun for a business name; the list is endless but the industry is none the worse for it. We wish them good luck in the town.

* the Post Office is setting up shop within W H Smiths in Swan Walk.

It’s official Headmasters Horsham is opening end of January 2017!

Find us at: Ground Floor, 15 Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1ER.
We are recruiting apprentices and stylists so if you know someone who is interested please contact 0345 459 7784 or e-mail

Headmasters Hairdressers in Horsham
Headmasters Hairdressers in Horsham