The swans sculpture is once again a subject for discussion. Swan Walk Centre Management (SWCM) have evidently given up on restoring the water part of the feature. For those of you not old enough to remember there used to be water jets played against the webbed feet of the landing swan, see the top photograph below. This gave the impression that the swans were flying in to land. It has long ceased to function and the swans have had to be landing without this assistance. Now SWCM have replaced the water with a sheet of crinkly glass. Whilst this is not as good as the original water it is not a bad representation given that SWCM have to bear the maintenance costs.

The swans actually went missing for a year between September 2007 and September 2008. They were removed for ‘health and safety’ reasons or to create more retail space depending on who you talk to; my money is on the later.

See below for before and now photo of the Swans:

Swan Wlak's swans sculpture

The Swans in December 2016
The Swans in December 2016

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