This is the first in what might be a series of rants commentaries on today’s world. Let’s start with the insidious influence of Gogglebox on today’s media.

I choose not to watch Gogglebox; if others want to watch it then that is up to them. I have seen enough to know I need never visit that program again.

The problem is that its influence is proliferating. At the beginning of the 2016 Rio Olympics Radio Five had a microphone in the home of one of the diver’s grandmothers and we had to endure her cheering on her grandson. It’s not that she should not cheer on her grandson it’s just that I don’t need to hear it. It’s not newsworthy, surprising or entertaining. Please don’t do it. The next day the microphone was recording the father of a gold medal winner singing along to the national anthem.

And so to Dragon’s Den. Why do we need to see friends and family of the person making the pitch commenting on how well it is going? We don’t so please don’t show it to us ever again.

Whilst I am happy to see programs share good and winning practices this is just another example of dumbing down.