On the 19th of April 2016 Horsham District Council issued a press release on the future of the Rising Universe. In simple terms the proposal is to remove the 1996 globe and satellite arms and turn the centre into a flower bed. This will be further reviewed when the future of the recently refreshed Bishopric is considered.

The report before the council proposes the removal of the sculpture which has been in the town since 1996. The central globe and satellite arms would be removed whilst the splash pool area would remain and be incorporated into a formalised planting scheme as part of landscape enhancements to the area. The new landscaping would provide a more attractive environment whilst further consideration is given to future options to improve the wider Bishopric public realm area as part of developing the Town Centre Vision for Horsham later this year.

The council will come to a decision on the 26th of April 2016.

Shelley's Fountain
Shelley’s Fountain