After years of just having a phone that does texts and calls it finally came time to get with the times and purchase a smart phone. After months of shopping around for one that would suit my pocket (physically and financially), have a good camera and be compatible with my lifestyle I went for the Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen.

So, £130 and a week later what are my thoughts? Here is what I like:

  • It comes with just the phone, some paper instructions and a USB lead in the box.It assumes you already have a suitable mains to USB adaptor with which to charge it. That’s environmentally sound and you can buy one for a few pounds on Amazon if you don’t have one. I don’t but I plug it into any passing USB socket to charge it; home PC, work laptop or the car.
  • It’s intuitive to use. OK, that’s not just Motorola; credit needs to go to Android too. If you get stuck you can flag down any passing smart phone user and they will be able to help.
  • It switches automatically to wifi when I get home so saving on GB usage which is handy as I only have 250MB to play with at the moment.
  • I can set limits and warning for my 250MB limit and check how close I am to it. Plenty of headroom at the moment.
  • It has a Gorilla Glass screen so pretty tough but I still put on a protective screen and put it in a case. Actually I took it into Horsham Mobile Phone Repair in West Street and they did it all for me. Nice work; thanks.
  • The camera is not bad at all. Plenty of features yet to be played with but I do like the geotagging whereby the photograph has the location embedded in it. You need to enable this option and you’ll use small amounts of data as the phone tracks via it’s connection.
  • There is a Google Android Motorola website that enables you to track your phone, make it ring at it’s loudest volume, erase the content or lock it. The tracking has been accurate to between 18 and 35m so it’s not going to find it for you but it’ll tell you where you left it! The Cargo at Home and Wakefields photos were done on the new phone.

I am not so keen on:

  • The need to push the power button to wake up the phone: I haven’t worked out how to do it from just the display.

So, I like it and would recommend to you to consider.

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