I selected this Dash Cam as it got good reviews on Amazon, which said it worked well, was easy to fit and was discrete when fitted. All turned out to be true. This dash cam has recently been replaced with the AUTO-VOX B60 which has a number of improvements. You’ll need to buy a micro SD card to complete the kit. Go for the fastest branded 32GB you can find; around £8 at the time of reviewing, to give you up to five hours HD recording before it automatically overwrites the oldest files..

The B40 is surprisingly small, about the size of a UK mains plug. It is fixed with a sticky pad to the top of the windscreen, mine being just to the left of the rear view mirror. It is barely noticeable so I leave it in all of the time. When sticking it on do it with the cable inserted and allow room to remove the cable should you ever need to. In my car the cable tucks easily behind the ceiling and pillar covers so it is out of sight. It goes around the door and behind the glove box where it picks up power from the fuse box via a cigarette lighter adapter and add-a-fuse.

The lens gives a wide angled view and the up / down view is adjustable on the camera whilst looking at the live display.

Setting up is easy but you need to be able to understand the Chinese to English translation. You’ll also need to charge up the internal supply or connect to a computer USB to enable you to set the device up. You can programme in the time, date and vehicle registration though not sure why the latter is important. When in the car you simply connect power and it starts recording automatically. You can set the display to switch off after one minute. If you need to save a recording just press the centre of the five buttons; it is the only concave one so you should be able to ‘feel’ it without taking your eyes off the road. Saved recordings are placed into a separate folder on the micro SD card.

The recorded files are three minutes long by default and ran without any issue on Windows Media Player. The internal microphone can be turned on or off according to your needs.

This has been in the car for nearly three months and runs nicely. Mine is powered up via an override switch so I can leave it on 24/7 if required. It was on for three days over Christmas without the car being run and the car started as if nothing had happened. No doubt there was five hours of boring footage available.

If you are looking for a good value dash cam this device comes strongly recommended.

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