This years pantomime at the Capitol in Horsham is The Beauty and the Beast. Minor spoiler alert…it ends well for the good guys.

This year’s show features some actors reunited from previous years so they already work well as a team. The show is, as always, full of puns and jokes that have been around and around. The punchlines come with advance warning bells and we welcome them when they arrive. This year’s dame is Madamoiselle Renée Tasse de Thé (Alex Wadham) who, with others, holds the show together with a selection of mostly scripted lines. The odd ad lib usually works too and probably becomes a scripted line in subsequent performances.

Image from the Capitol website

The cast are led TV star Andrew Hayden-Smith (Ooh Danon!) and CBBC’s Olly Pike (DC).

Andrew and Olly are joined by three further old Horsham Panto hands: Mike Goble (D’Jon M’Stard), Richard Alan (Professor ‘Doc’ Eclaire) and Fraser Murray (Dance Captain), supported by Karina Hind (Beauty), Tom Senior (The Beast) as the title characters and the delightful Danielle Acors as the Enchantress.

Some more spoiler content below; scroll down at your peril…otherwise enjoy the show!





There are a lot (too many?) of dubious Star Wars puns along the way but look out for the costumed ‘pay off’ towards the end. Pyrotechnics and cake making are in as usual. the latter providing a fair share of ad lib opportunities. May the farce be with you.

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