I was looking back over some older photos of East Street and, in doing so, now appreciate how much better it is for the shoppers. It might not be the same story for the shopkeepers but they will be benefiting from the increased footfall. The road looks better now, has no kerbs or pavements and the traffic flow is next to none now.

Here are some photos from 2006 and 2007. That was when cars could drive towards the town at 20 mph and cyclists could go both ways in their cycle lane. Brock Taylor have not moved though have redecorated. Cancer Research UK is still there too. Cartridge World has become the Churches Together charity outlet. Other survivors include La Source, Pizza Express amongst others. The Information Shop has gone through many transformations and is soon to become a bar for Dark Star Brewery. Wabi is now where the Horse and Groom used to be despite at least two internal fires.

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