OK, so this is nothing to do with Horsham or photography but is worth coverage none the less.

When we first sign up to a new web based service the provider often provides a strong password. Users then change it to their normal password to make life easy and, in doing so, making life easy for the hackers. When a site is hacked the criminals then have your e mail address (i.e. your username) and your favourite password. But there is an easy solution and not very much to do to remember it. Consider this password which you can use for the Amazon site:


At first that looks difficult to remember but, actually it isn’t. The above password is in three sections:

  1. HiamtiWS&1on The initials of Memorable Phrase (Horsham is a market town in West Sussex) with appropriate capitalisation.
  2. HiamtiWS&1on &1 simply two non alpha numeric characters from the top row of your keyboard and a number. This satisfies the requirements of some password systems that enforce strong passwords.
  3. HiamtiWS&1on is the last two letters of Amazon.

How easy is that? There are of course lots of variants of this. You can sequence these three parts in any order and vary each of the three parts to suit your needs.

  1. There are any number of options for the memorable phrase. Consider:
    1. My wife’s maiden name is Smith MwmniS
    2. My 1st son is call Fred M1sicF
    3. Manchester United are my favourite football team MUamfft (they aren’t really)
  2. Any combination of 0 to 9 and ! to +, make it one that you remember.
  3. Any repeatable group of letters from the web site name. Consider:
    1. Am Amazon’s first two letters
    2. An first and last letters
    3. Az first and second syllables, a bit more complicated

If you want to get really clever and fox those who may look over your shoulder consider this as your phrase:

Ihp2bitp I have put two backspaces in this password. So type Ihp2bitp then use <backspace> twice to delete p and t leaving Ihptbi. Then add you two alphanumerics and site specific letters.

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Finally, at the cashpoint, never put your real PIN in first time. Enter any 4 numbers then proceed with the transaction. At some point the machine will prompt for the right numbers by which time anyone looking over your shoulder will think that they already have the right numbers. Simple.

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