This year the tower on the top of Leith Hill is 250 years old. For most of the last 100 years (since 1923) it has been in the capable hands of the National Trust and it is still looking good. It’s a short drive from Horsham to the two main car parks. One car park gives you a longish steady walk to the tower, the other is a shorter walk but up some irregular steps.

When on top of the hill you can enjoy the views over the Surrey and Sussex countryside. If you go up the tower the view is even better as you will now be 1000ft 305m above sea level. On a good day you will be able to make out Big Ben, the London Eye and the arch over the new Wembley Stadium. You’ll need to go up (and down) the narrow spiral staircase and pay the £1.50 entry fee.

Whilst there you can enjoy a coffee and cake from the little shop ‘servery’ which opens daily from 10:00 AM. The area is suitable for walkers, off road cyclists (choose the route according to the level of your skill and the suitability of your bike) and horse riding.

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