Many people lie about their age when they get a bit older but Swan Walk is today, 12th September 2015, celebrating its 40th birthday. Where does this date come from? The key dates, as evidenced by their own commemorative stones, seem to be:

  • 3rd December 1973, probably a foundation stone though its not labelled as such
  • 24th November 1976, opening date

Check out the evidence at the bottom of the Swan Walk history post. Anyway, Swan Walk Management have decided it isย 40 on theย 12th September 2015 and who am I to disagree?

Swan Walk website
Swan Walk website on its birthday.

The Le Brunch cafe up towards Wilkos had 40th birthday balloons on each of its outside tables; probably the best visual effort made by any of the shops. Swan Walk itself arranged for Garfield, that 70s iconic cat, to turn up, pose for selfies with children and bigger people and sign a huge birthday card.

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