It would seem that Horsham’s traffic wardens are now unable to stop vans and cars parking on the pavement. I know because I have asked the council. What would seem unacceptable to any normal person is actually an everyday practice for those that work near this bit of pavement. Parking on what was the access road to the rear car park of  30 Worthing Road, before the entry passage was filled in, seems reasonable. It is not reasonable to park on the walkway outside The Quakers’ Meeting Hall. These drivers seem quite happy to block or restrict the walkway with no regard to pedestrians in wheelchairs, pushing prams, buggies and shopping trolleys.

This week sees new lows where a van is parked on the grass verge, see photographs below. One van driver told me that I could not photograph his van because it was his. He continued to tell me I could not photograph his van without his permission whilst I explained that when standing on a public space (in the UK) I can photograph what I want. Even assuming they think it is OK to park there I am not sure why they need be so close to their vans. Anyone else would just park up, unload then go and park legally. Here is the latest rogues’ gallery.

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