The Yongnuo YN RF-603 C3 is a flash trigger and remote control for Canon cameras that are fitted with a hot shoe (i.e. a standard flash mount) and a 2.5mm remote trigger input. On Amazon the three part set will cost you around £22:00 at the time of writing. In the box you will find that there are two identical controllers and a Canon 2.5mm connection cable; the three parts. A Nikon version is also available. Here is what you can do with the kit once it is configured:

  • Put one controller on the camera, mounted on the hot shoe if needed. Connect to the remote input using the supplied coiled cable.
  • Use the second controller to take a picture remotely
  • Use the second controller to trigger an off-camera flash or strobe triggered by the on camera shutter release.

If you team this equipment up with a Yongnuo YN 560 III flashgun (AKA strobe) you can go one step further. This flash has a compatible built in receiver so you can have one controller on the camera which sends a trigger signal directly to the flash and use the second controller as a remote trigger.

That is what the equipment does but just how good is it and does it compare to the Canon or other branded versions? I have never used a Canon or any other remote trigger or flash so the latter cannot be answered here. However, having owned this Yongnuo kit for well over a year, I can vouch for its effectiveness and, to date, its reliability. I tend to use the kit both as a remote trigger for the camera and off camera flash as described above. Also as a remote trigger for long or slow exposures on a tripod where minimising camera shake is important. In short, it does the job very reliably and I see no reason to pay more. It has ‘missed’ a few flashes along the way but then so do more upmarket models if you read their reviews.

The two AAA batteries per remote seem to last forever, even when using Poundland’s finest stock. You could use rechargeables but, as they last so long, disposables are possibly the better option; rechargeable AAA batteries are quite expensive. Each controller has a hot shoe plug and socket so you can still mount a separate flash onto the camera. It may wobble a bit as there is no screw-lock on the hot shoe mounts but friction seems to keep everything in place though not tried mounting a flash on top of the controller.

The remotes are easy to set up. Just open the battery compartment, remove the batteries, and set up your choice of the same DIP switch settings onto both controllers. This is a ‘once only’ job as, of course, the switches stay set in the position selected. You can leave these switch settings as supplied but you may get cross talk if within range of another Yongnuo user; unlikely but possible. If you go for the 560 III flash you’ll need to set up the same switch settings there too. Once set up you mount one on the camera and plug in the supplied lead between the camera and trigger.

By using a wireless remote such as this, as opposed to a wired version, you are less likely to leave a trip hazard in place and end up knocking over you valuable camera and tripod. The cost is not much more than a wired remote or intervalometer and it is so much more flexible when wanting just single or even multiple shots.

The verdict of this site is that this device is to be recommended.

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