Once again Horsham is laying on a range of free music events in the town centre and the park. Here is a summary with links to the programmes where you can find the detail. Carfax Bandstand. In the town centre with plenty of sitting and standing room you can see a range of bands. They range from rock, blues and jazz to silver and brass. There are two links for more information:

  • Carfax Bandstand Programme; a diary of events but only giving the names of the bands. If the link does not work go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Town Centre Events Calendar; a day by day account giving more information on all events for the purpose of this post, detailing the bands’ musical styles.

Podium Bandstand in the park; a diary of events but only giving the names of the bands. Typically these are Sunday afternoon brass, silver and accordion bands. Further information again is on the Town Centre Events Calendar.

Also, established in 2012, is the Horsham Garden Music Festival. Taking place in the Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park (near to the Bowling Alley and Park Surgery) events run on July weekends from 15:00 to 18:00 starting from the 4th of July. Here is the audition video from 2015:

Watch this site as the Horsham Photographer will endeavour to capture many of these events on camera. Online Cashback