The names of the eight candidates for the forthcoming parliamentary election have been released. The Horsham Photographer will endeavour to get photos of each of them which will be back filled into this post, four now captured, below in order of date / time. In the meantime here is some more information. Websites could not be found for Jim Rae but feel free to contact the site with an update. In the interests of neutrality they are listed in alphabetical order of their surname:

Name Party Website
ARTHUR Roger John UK Independence Party (UKIP)
DAVIS Martyn Kevin Labour Party
DUGGAN Jim The Peace Party
GREEN Darrin Green Party
MILLSON Morwen Elizabeth Liberal Democrats
QUIN Jeremy Mark The Conservative Party
RAE Jim Independent none
SMITH James Something New.
Jim Duggan of the Peace Party
Jim Duggan of the Peace Party
The Peace Party car
Not a battle bus but the Peace Party car
Jeremy Quinn
Jeremy Quinn, Conservative on the 2nd of May in the Carfax
Martyn Davis
Martyn Davis


Roger Arthur, UKIP
Roger Arthur, UKIP

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