The Normandy Centre, a late Art Deco building, is the home of the six Horsham Freemasons lodges and is located on the junction of Denne Road and Normandy; once the back garden of the vicarage. It dates from 1939 and cost less than £5,000 but the Freemasons, according to their own website, did not get to fully occupy it until the end of World War II in 1945. Its completion coincided with the outbreak of the war and the building was immediately taken over by Royal Air Force and used by the Royal Observer Corp as a reserve building should the nearby Drill Hall suffer bomb damage. The temple was not occupied and the freemasons were able to hold some ceremonies there.

Normandy Centre
Normandy Centre

The building entrance is flanked by Portland stone pillars of the Roman Doric order which look slightly disproportionate. There is an architectural feature that is not obvious from the front but becomes clear when the building is viewed using Google Maps, Earth view. It is built in the shape of the Masonic square.

Normandy Centre, Google Earth View
Normandy Centre, Google Earth View

The six craft lodges are known as:

  • March and Darnley
  • Richard Collyer
  • The Causeway
  • Carfax
  • Aviation & Combined Services
  • Stane Street

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