When out walking last week I noticed the quirky Tudor style garage at Field House, Cricket Field Road has gone. To my horror I also realised that I did not have a photograph of it. Google Street View saved the day, please see below. As with the other images drawn from Google please let me know if the reproduction infringes copyright and it will be taken down:



The concrete base for the new garage at Field House (No 18) has been laid so it will be interesting to see if anything as quirky emerges.

And here is the update. A new garage / car port has been erected to the highest standard. Accoding to the owners the previous building was ready to fall down and required little more than a push to topple it. Therefore it was a pleasure to see the builder. Albany Timber Craft (no connection to this site) using scaffolding to safely reach and work on the roof to fit the wooden shingles. A workers’ portaloo was also on site to save the workmen’s blushes. It will be interesting to compare this to the same shot in a year’s time when the shingles should have gone silver.

timber framed building
timber framed building

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