This year’s Horsham MicrobizTM 2015 is being held, as in the previous 12 years, at The Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 14th March. Once again it promises 40+ local exhibitors. But what about in 2009? That was about one year into the economic recession that hit the high street hard but from which we appear to be emerging. The Horsham Photographer has a copy of the 7th Annual Microbiz programme dating back to 2009.

Microbiz 2009
Microbiz 2009

The sponsors were, in order of listing in the programme:

  • NatWest Bank – still with us
  • Business Link – still with us
  • Foundry Press Ltd – still with us
  • AGP Grafico – last posting on Facebook was in 2010 and their website has gone
  • Eden HR Consulting – still with us
  • InfoTrace – could not trace!
  • The Marketing Gym Ltd – still with us
  • The Resident – still with us but rebranded as The District Post
  • Topcentre Ltd – could not find them
  • West Sussex County Council
  • Horsham District Council
  • Spirit FM
  • SmartDecos – website inactive

In common with other years a number of free seminars were run to help small businesses start up or develop. They included:

  • Powerful marketing on a shoestring
  • Turbocharge your networking
  • VAT – the essentials for any small business
  • How to manage your creditors effectively
  • Tax and NI: The answers to the most popular questions
  • Plug into the power of Business Link
  • Don’t just daydream your new business – do it!
  • From 9 – 5 to Cocoa Loco
  • Back to Basics

Finally the programme goes on to list the exhibitors, many of which overlap the sponsors and seminar speakers. Check the pdf scan below for more information on the 2009 offering. But for the 2015 Microbiz check the website and be sure to visit the The Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 14th March.

Microbiz 2009 programme

Note that the Horsham Photographer is not financially connected to the Horsham Microbiz in any way other than being a Horsham Council Tax payer!

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