As the work continues on the former sites of the Horsham Bowling Club and Lifestyle Ford Horsham it is becoming apparent just how big the project is. Take a stroll down the Riverside Walk through Tanbridge Park and see how the southernmost part of the building reaches onto the sloping embankment of the River Arun. Whilst it looks high enough to escape any flooding there will probably be some work to put some plants in to hold the embankment together. From the same vantage point you can now see across to Bishopric Court though this will almost certainly be obscured again as the development reaches completion. The concrete steps for what looks like a rear elevation fire escape are in place.

Work is still continuing today, Saturday, but the delivery gates by the Currys and Staples entrance are locked shut. The upper deck steels for the car park look to be complete but there is still a significant amount of standing water that needs to be pumped away. Again, this photo is taken through the perspex window so please excuse the quality!


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