There is a slab of rock in Guildford Road just past Horsham Matters on the left hand side of the road as you head out of town. It’s actually outside of 60 Guildford Road. So why is this so interesting; from the photo it doesn’t look very inspiring! There is an information plate next to it and this post summarises the story.

Penny Bridge

The identity of the stone is derived from a 1766 map drawn by Samuel Lapidge (1740 – 1806), who was an English surveyor. The map is now in Horsham Museum. The map was drawn up at the request of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown to record the land around Hill’s Place. He was working for the Ingram family, also known as Viscount Irwin (hence nearby Irwin Drive). The gardens took four years to develop and comprised a lake with cascading water, bridges and a tree lined avenue. In 1819 it was in agricultural use and was sold by the Duke of Norfolk. At some time after that the house, Hills Place, was demolished with only the residence of the Bishop of Horsham remaining, see Google Street View below.

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