Whilst most photographers are familiar with and probably own a tripod its one-legged brother monopod is less ubiquitous. So why would you want a monopod? Quite simply it does almost the same job whilst being easier to transport with the camera connected. Obviously a monopod needs you to stop it falling over, unlike a tripod which can be left unattended. Monopods are going to be lighter and slimmer than equivalently specified tripods.

I hunted around for a tripod for a while. I didn’t want a £10 budget model to balance my  camera on so I went a couple of tiers up and chose a reputable brand, Velbon. Within their wide range there is the Velbon UP-400DX (UP4DXII) Monopod which I purchased from CameraKing’s Amazon storefront. What sold this particular model to me was the removable camera mounting plate; some similarly priced models require the user to spin the camera or monopod in order to fix them together. With this model the camera mount can be left attached to the camera. The monopod has a tilt arm which comes out to the side. It is fitted to be operated by the right hand but is easily reversed for left handed users. The three clips on the extension tubes are looking robust enough for the job. At the foot end the rubber foot can be screwed back to reveal a blunt spike suitable for soft surfaces.

There is no case supplied but it does come with a removable black carrying strap. The appearance is a smart black finish with the Velbon branding on the top end.

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And, if you really want to look a professional photographer it can also be used as a selfie pole…if you really want to.

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