McCarthy and Stone are doing an event on the proposed redevelopment of Prewett’s Mill at the Drill Hall on 20th November 2014. 15:30 – 19:00,. See this link. I note it is described as an ‘exhibition’ not a consultation.

Not the greatest webpage as it:

  • duplicates the leaflet from which the link came
  • does not have hyperlinks on the contact us text – or any link else where for making contact other than to a sales person. There is a ‘have your say‘ button
  • does not have hyperlinks on the proposals text
  • When you find the proposals page there is a massive ‘cut and paste’ error where they have clearly lifted the text from a similar situation at Maidenhead: “The development would look to complement the surrounding buildings by using building materials traditional to Maidenhead and would respect the local area.”

Hey ho, let’s see how it goes.