The Horsham Photographer does not know where Horsham Engineering Works was based usiong ‘paper searches’ but there is evidence of its existence all over town, most noticeably in the drain covers. The pictures, from 2006, are of drain covers around the town with H&E Lintott embossed on them.

Evidence found elsewhere (see links below) would reliably suggest that Horsham Engineering Works is the same company as (H.J. & E.W.S. Lintott), described as being near the railway station. This could be in Foundry Lane, a big clue is in the name ‘foundry’ though was not sufficient evidence until the evidence below was uncovered by an internet search.

Further evidence to support this location comes from British History Online:

An ironfounding and engineering business in Foundry Lane north of the railway station was taken over c. 1897 by the firm which became Lintott Engineering Ltd. The foundry operated continuously thereafter, supplying much ironwork for the urban district council, until c. 1960, but the firm meanwhile diversified. In 1912, besides making agricultural machinery, it installed and serviced electric lighting plants, water supplies, and heating systems for country houses. After 1939 it was much involved in munitions work, and after 1945 in precision engineering. In 1962 there were over 650 employees, and at its peak annual turnover exceeded £4½ million. The company closed in 1980 as a result of the economic recession.

H & E Lintott also get a mention in the 1937 edition of Grace’s Guide and are described as “of Horsham Engineering Works, Horsham, Sussex, Manufacturers and suppliers in Great Britain, 1937 Engineers.”

H & E Lintot in Denne Parade, Horsham
H & E Lintott in Denne Parade, Horsham

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