Here are most of the places of worship, in no particular order, in Horsham as photographed back in 2008. Some updates are therefore required.

Some of these churches have their own website, some are subsets of the higher organisation and some have pages on directory sites. Some churches have their own features on this blog.

St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, Roffey

Brighton Road Baptist Church – Horsham Photographer’s Feature

Christian Life Centre, East Street

Christian Science Church and Reading Room, Guildford Road

Holy Trinity Church

St John the Evangelist Church

Kingdom Faith

King’s Church

St Leonard’s Church

St Mark’s Church

St Mary’s the Virgin – Horsham Photographer’s Feature

Rehoboth Baptist Church

Salvation Army

Trafalgar Road Baptist Church

Strict Hope Baptist Church

Horsham Mosque

All Saints C of E Church, Roffey

London Road Methodist Church – Horsham Photographer’s Feature

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) – Horsham Photographer’s Feature

Unitarian Church – Horsham Photographer’s Feature

United Reform Church – no photo yet!!

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