A few years ago the Horsham Photographer was given some memorabilia from the Horsham High School for Girls. The school was based at Tanbridge House off the Worthing Road until about 1993 when it was uprooted and merged with the boys at the new Tanbridge House School.

It’s only now, in September 2014, that the Horsham Photographer has had a chance to look again at what arrived and one item is the Hymnal

It is a well used copy of the High School for Girls, Horsham, Hymnal – which is a ‘book of hymns’ for those that are new to the word ‘hymnal’. The only clue to its date is at the end of the third update to the preface which is marked as November 1926. A few key pages have been scanned:

It would appear that this a standard hymn book with the front cover customised to suit the school buying the copies as nothing beyond the front sheets above refers again to Horsham High School for Girls. It is not clear whether the school song is at the request of the school but it almost certainly is.

If you have any memories regarding this book please feel free to share via the comment form below. As a final treat there are three hymns hand written and pasted into the back. It would be good to know if all the girls were required to do this or just the owner of this copy.

All of the relevant items are listed below and have, or will have, their own post: