In a break from looking at Horsham’s built environment and events this post is looking at some of the working vehicles in Horsham.

A few old postcards and photographs exist in the Horsham archives that illustrate the working vehicles of the past. This feature documents those vehicles seen in action from 2008 onwards and is already the largest online photographic record of Horsham’s vehicles with over 80 available.

Most of the vehicles in this feature are sign-written with a Horsham address or ‘01403’ phone number and been seen in and around the town. Alternatively they are clearly a Horsham-based vehicle. Submissions welcomed from all suitable traders.

All have been photographed either at their base or when parked around the town and the image aims to capture the sign writing and the vehicle manufacturer.

The most original vehicle fleet must surely have belonged to Coffee Motion who packed a Smart car and tiny van full of everything needed to deliver coffee to events, businesses and the public around Horsham. They have since disappeared.

The China Brasserie have opted for the Mini Estate with the unusual half-door behind the driving seat opening onto the road side.

Arriva used a locally sourced hybrid bus for the town run. Supplied by Traction Technology in Slinfold the vehicle ran off a series of lead-acid batteries. These batteries were charged by an on-board generator powered by a small diesel engine. By running the engine at its maximum efficiency it can delivery fuel savings of up to 30% – and the recharging can take place out of town. It can also recover energy used during braking to deliver further savings. In August 2008 Traction Technology ceased trading and the vehicles were withdrawn from the Horsham routes.

The Police CCTV van is often to be seen around the town on a Friday evening ready to record any unfolding events. PMA Motor Factors have a fleet of vans of which at least three are based in their Horsham store meanwhile Eyre and Elliston have opted for the standard and ubiquitous white Ford Transit van. Cogenco, makers of combined heat and power units deploy a compact Ford Connect van.

Clifford Durant & Son are also included in the New Street post. King and Eastland, Upholsterers of Antique and Modern Furniture, are still deploying a 1989 Ford Transit Box or Luton Van.

Premier Rides have vehicles that transform into fairground attractions whilst Allspeed opt for a regular Ford Escort Van – but what lies beneath the bonnet? The Ford Transit remains as a regular workhorse but the VW Transporter is often preferred by those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel.

Piccolo’s van has such good paintwork that it merits shots covering all four sides.

The Smart Car is the vehicle of choice where parking is at a premium; Brock Taylor have squeezed two into one space. Smaller vans are often used in the interests of economy, especially with rising fuel prices.

Les Searle currently has the largest vehicle in this feature, used in earth moving operations. The Art Academy demonstrate their flair with a suitable paint job. Richard Harman has a matching vehicle and trailer.

Horsham continues to surprise with its diversity in business. Abbey Boilers are located only a few hundred yards from the Born Free Foundation further down. The Salvation Army are the first to have a minibus featured.

Handyman DIY continue to use the old name even since they were sold to the Bunce Group. The Sign Shop have signwritten their own van and it is seen below outside the Victorian headquarters, soon to be redeveloped into flats.

Born Free are featured with their Land Rover Discovery and the trailer.

Crew Cabs are becoming ever more popular; the humble pick-up with a second row of seats is displacing the white van or four wheel drive as the fashionable vehicle of choice. See some examples below.