The featured thistle tiles are in the covered walkway between West Street and Blackhorse Way located between Costa Coffee and The Officers Club*.

They are a remnant of the food hall in the International Stores that occupied the current Costa Coffee location and pathway area from as early as 1908 through to the 1950’s.

The pathway was created at the same time as the Sainsbury’s site and was developed to enable shoppers’ access from the multi-storey car park in Blackhorse Way. This has since been replaced with a newer car park that incorporates the Forum shops and residential housing.

* Should there be an apostrophe back in 2010? Of course, but the brand name and shop sign doesn’t have one. And should it be before or after the ‘s’ ? Anyway, apostrophe or not, the Officers’ Club has not survived the 2008 recession and has been replaced by Pret a Manger.