The Jubilee Fountain is located in Chart Way, between the Black Jug and County Hall North, formerly the Royal & Sun Alliance offices immediately in front of Churchlands at 26 North Street, a listed building in its own right and featured on English Heritage’s Images of England web site.

Just to be clear this was a drinking fountain that was provided with metal cups chained to it, it was not an ornamental fountain.

It was erected in 1898 by public subscription in honour of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee, celebrating 60 years on the throne; no effort was made by the town to celebrate the silver jubilee. It was originally situated in the Carfax as can be seen in old postcards. However, in 1947 it became a traffic hazard and was removed and placed into storage at a council yard for the next 30 years.

In 1976 it was proposed to put the fountain into Swan Walk but the funding was insufficient. However, just one year later, it was re-sited in Copnall Way in celebration of the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. On this occasion the Horsham Society and Horsham Museum Society contributed £600 between them. The fountain had an inscription added to mark the new jubilee and was unveiled on the 5th of June 1977. Clearly the town was celebrating the anniversary on the cheap but at least made more effort than for Queen Victoria’s silver jubilee. That said, in 2012, nothing was erected for the current queens’ diamond jubilee.

The photos from the Francis Frith site (not shown here) show the fountain in its original position in images are dated 1924 and 1930, a time when cars were a much rarer sight. The light on top has been changed in the intervening years. The drinking mugs, once chained into place, have long since disappeared.

In 1994 the fountain was again moved, now to its current position in Chart Way.