The Old House

At 24 London Road is the property known as The Old House. The building, unlike its neighbours to the right, is not listed by English Heritage. It is located opposite Brunswick Place and is attached to Darchini, in the Tudor Barn.

The double fronted building is presented over three floors and houses a number of businesses including a dentist and IT training organisation.

The building has been known as The Old House for about 80 years, prior to that it was Gordon House. Captain Middleton bought the property in 1928, and renamed it The Old House. He lived there with his wife until 1938. Captain ‘Baggy’ Middleton is perhaps best known for creating The Blue Flash Company, the Blue Flash Cinemas, and had the nearby Capitol theatre built in 1923. The Blue Flash Music Trust still exists today and is active in the town.

London Road has 18 listed buildings, one of which (No 17) was demolished, the remainder are included on the Horsham Photographer’s Listed Project.