Brunswick Place again

Brunswick Place was built around 1820 and is the only Georgian terrace in Horsham. The individual dwellings are marked by fluted Corinthian pilasters. The addresses are 43 – 59 London Road.

Brunswick Place

The building is almost unchanged except for the shop front extensions. The name ‘Brunswick Place’ is embossed on the left hand two properties.

Embedded Text ' Brunswick Place'

The terrace is formed of eleven properties, each over three storeys, gently stepping uphill and spaced back from the road. There are cellars on these properties only accessible from the inside but most have two story extensions to the rear. Internal access to the flat roof is evident by the fire escape ladder on the northern end wall.

 Rear view of Brunswick Place

To the left hand side of this terrace is the Methodist Church Miss Kate Ireland, a major benefactor to the building of the first Methodist Church in 1832, lived in Brunswick Place c1835.

Ian Nairn said, of Brunswick Place’: ‘Stepped uphill, an effect which the designer chose to ignore when he equipped it with pilasters. The effects are extraordinary, with no two houses the same. They culminate in No. 55, where a pilaster sits firmly on the lintel of a doorcase which has for jambs Doric half-columns with a pronounced taper. Was this man a joke, or one for whom nothing would ever come right?’