Entrance to Hills Cemetery

Hills Cemetery was opened in 1900 to relieve the Denne Road cemetery which was reaching capacity. It was further enlarged in 1923 and again in 1956.

This set of pages was originated in 2006 and 2007. Records may have been updated in the intervening years.

The Horsham Photographer became interested in the cemetery when research into Horsham’s World War II history revealed that the graves of German air crew were there. This proved to be half true. During the war a number of burials took place but the bodies were removed to a central burial ground for the German war-dead in the 1950s. Details of the Germans are:.

14th March 1941
A heinkel III crashed at Smokehouse Farm in Shipley. Four crew died

17th November 1941
Junkers 88 crashed at Slaughterbridge on the Guildford Road. Unknown number of crew died (max=4)

What was revealed was that some 66 UK war graves are present for 67 casualties, photos of some of these appear below listed in alphabetical order. Of the 66 graves 64 are of World War One and World War Two casualties. Another is pre-WWI and shares a grave, see R F Chatten below and a separate listing for H F Chatten. Also buried here is the 1958 casualty M L Philcox and a Portuguese soldier Manoel De Matos. There is also one war grave in the Denne Road cemetery and a further three at Roffey Cemetery. These last seven have separate listings at the foot of the page.

At the end of 1917 the West Sussex County Times published a full role of honour for those who had died during the war. More than 150 names are listed.

A link to the full list of casualties, from both World War I and World War II, buried here is in the external links box below. The grave stones are made of Portland stone and are maintained and cleaned annually by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). The exception to this is where families have had the headstones changed or the body re-interred into a family plot. This is evident is in some of the photos and probably explains why Horsham Photography still has a few gaps in the photographic record; only the standard war graves are maintained by the CWGC, the others are showing the signs of aging.

Row of war graves

Above each grave listed below is a link to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site which gives details of each casualty. Clicking on the photograph will open a full size image of the gravestone. The spreadsheet used when creating this feature is here: Hills Farm Cemetery

There are four pages each with about 16 war graves on as listed below:

  1. Thomas T Adams through to Charlie Chantler
  2. Reginald Chart through to James Humphreys
  3. T H Jupp through to Hector Olley
  4. Charles Parker through to Alfred Woodward
  5. Others, foot of page four