Prewett’s Mill is in Worthing Road, clearly visible as you approach the Sainsbury’s roundabout. The rear of the building is now clad in smoked glass.

The date in the eaves is AD 1861, representing the year that it was built by Henry Allbury, miller from the nearby Town or Provender Mill. It was sold to W Prewett in 1872. Curiously Prewett went on to purchase the Provender Mill in 1890. In 1951 Prewett’s Mill output was recorded as 1,289 tons.

Originally built as a coal powered steam mill, in 1940 it was converted to run on electricity and continued to produce stone ground flour until as recently as 1975. It was during the 1970s that ownership changed to Allisons until 1978 when the mill closed. It was re-opened as offices in 1983 under the ownership of United Rum Merchants, later known as Allied Domecq. The extension to the right of the main building was added.

Early photographs show that the text in the cream painted areas read ‘W. Prewett Ltd’ and ‘Flour Mills’ respectively. Following the office refurbishment it was updated to read ‘Allied Domeqc’ and ‘Prewett’s Mill’. As the photographs show these areas were blank until when they were repainted, on Friday 25th August 2006, with Beam Global and Prewett’s Mill.

The Prewett’s brand was purchased by Northumbrian Fine Foods Ltd (NFF) in 1987. It was assigned to a range of foods that are gluten free, wheat free, have no hydrogenated fats and are suitable for vegetarians. The NFF Prewett’s logo refers to ‘quality since 1872′ linking with the date above that W Prewett purchased the mill.

In August 2014 the building has been vacated and is available to let. There is currently a planning application to convert the site to 45 studio, 1 and 2 bedroom flats with a private residents’ gym in the basement. There is some idle chatter about demolition too; we shall see. To bring this building up to date the Horsham Photographer is creating a photographic record of Prewett’s Mill.