The Anchor Hotel public house, briefly known as Bar Vin, is in Market Square.

Although the signage indicates the building was a hotel, traditionally it has been referred to as an inn. The Inn was first recorded in 1611 and in 1723 the borough court was held there. From 1768 post chaises (carriages) and saddle horses were available for hire. From 1748 and especially during the 19th century the inn was used as political offices during elections.

During the 1770s John Baker reported that the inn was also on the social network, being used for dances and other assemblies. As the date shows the inn was rebuilt in 1899.

In the summer of 2006 the building was bedecked with the flags of the nations competing the Football World Cup. Later in the year it was ‘disguised’ as a pirate ship in a promotion of the film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

The Anchor ceased operating as a hotel in 1920. Three years later the building was being used as the Town Hall. In 1984 the premises were occupied by Lloyd’s Bank as evidenced in this photo from the West Sussex County Times. The photographer would have needed to just step outside of the WSCT office, then in Market Square, to get this photograph featured in their now discontinued nostalgia series.

West Sussex County Times' photo of Lloyd's Bank occupying the Anchor Inn site, with Lady Fayre next door.
West Sussex County Times’ photo of Lloyd’s Bank occupying the Anchor Inn site, with Lady Fayre next door.