Hidden Horsham was conceived as an idea in the summer of 2001 but it wasn’t until 2006 that it emerged as a web site, emerging as hiddenhorsham.co.uk. That domain was taken down in the spring of 2014 as it was cheaper and easier to post on a blog site.

The site is based on the premise that the architectural heritage above the shop fronts in the town centre is being missed as a result of the shop windows drawing the attention of passers-by. Gradually it expanded to record anything that the Horsham Photographer thought to be of merit either architecturally or culturally.

A collection of photographs were taken and uploaded, together with related information, links and history.

On this blog the Hidden Horsham data has been refreshed and reloaded with some old and some new photos. Other miscellaneous Horsham area photos are being shared too.

As ever, your feedback is welcomed.